Student Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are a set of achieved skills, abilities, knowledge or attitudes that have been demonstrated by the learner in a given learning environment. In higher education, learning outcomes are most often connected to the classroom setting, namely on a course syllabus. Because academic advising is also teaching, we have learning outcomes for our students as a result of their academic advising experience. These are outlined on our advising syllabus (PDF) and carefully assessed through our assessment process.

As a result of academic advising and planning, students will be able to:

  • Create a personal path to degree completion
  • Make a timely and informed pursuit of an academic major
  • Use campus resources
  • Find relevant policies and procedures
  • Recognize the importance of balancing competing priorities

Pre-Orientation Learning Modules

All new first-year students, except Honors, student athletes, and new transfers, should access the online learning module that will help them better prepare for advising and registration at New Student Orientation. The Academic Advising and Planning Center will email these students approximately two weeks prior to their registered orientation session with instructions for accessing the online learning module. Please note that the completion of this learning module is designed to better prepare students for their advising experience at the College of Charleston. Students are not expected to create a course schedule during this module. This will occur when students come to orientation.