Declaring Your Major

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Academic Advising and Planning Center Major Declaration Policy

Declaring your major is instrumental to your academic success at the College of Charleston and will help you plan the most efficient and beneficial path to your degree. Currently enrolled, degree-seeking undergraduate students must declare a major via Program of Study Management (POSM) no later than the second semester of their sophomore year (45-60 credit hours).

The deadline to declare a major for the Fall 2020 semester is Friday, October 16, 2020 for students meeting the following criteria:

  • You have earned 45 or more credit hours in residence at the College of Charleston


  • You are a transfer student who has a total of 45 or more overall earned credit hours


  • You are in progress toward junior rank (approaching 60 credit hours) this semester.  

What If I Miss the Deadline?

A "Missing Major Declaration" registration hold will be placed on your account prior to the registration period for next semester's courses, prohibiting you from registering. In order to release this hold, you must either:

  • Declare your major in POSM, if you are decided


  • Meet with your academic advisor

If you receive the "Missing Major Declaration" registration hold more than once in subsequent terms, you must complete the entire major declaration process. This means that the registration hold will only be lifted after your major has been approved by the department and has been recorded in the system. If there are extenuating circumstances, contact the Academic Advising and Planning Center.  

How Do I Declare?

The Program of Study Management (POSM) system is an electronic workflow that allows students to manage their degree program(s) online in MyCharleston. Click POSM for more information on how to use this system.

What Should I do? I'm still undecided!

Your academic advisor can help you explore appropriate academic programs of study and prepare for the declaration of major in your chosen discipline. Schedule an advising appointment with the Academic Advising and Planning Center using Appointment Manager online or contact our office if you are unable to schedule online: 843.953.5981.

Attend the Virtual Majors and Minors Fair in Fall: October 12-16, 2020. Visit the Majors and Minors Fair page for details.

Attend the Choosing a Major Workshop offered by the Academic Advising and Planning Center and the Career Center. Students can register for the recorded workshop through Handshake on the Career Center web site. Sessions are available Sept. 2-9, Sept. 16-23, October 21-28, and November 4-11, 2020. Each recorded workshop will be available for one week, followed by a live Q&A session hosted by a Career Counselor and AAPC Advisor on the following Thursday at 4:00 p.m. via Zoom. The registration link for each session is on the Career Center's calendar at

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